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This page is for requests for articles from other contributors to the X-Files Wiki.

Just enter a title and a brief description under the appropriate section below, with some episodes cited if you know the episode.

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Existing Articles[]

  • Summaries/Synopsis: A summary should be a brief explanation of an episode. A Synopsis is a longer blow by blow account of an episode. We're going to start making this distinction on the episode pages so that people can look at a brief summary if they're trying to refresh their memory or the longer synopsis if they're trying to remember what the villain's motivation was or why Mulder didn't go with Scully on that case or whatever.
  • Incomplete articles: Many pages are lacking vital information.

Article Requests[]

Please visit the Wanted Pages for a list of all needed articles.

  • Character pages: Minor characters can be skipped (guard number 4) but most episodes have a couple of key guest characters. Like if we were talking about the Calusari, we've got the kid, his grandmother, his mother, his father, and little brother. Its not like the character pages have to be really long. Just like we do a paragraph and put a picture up.
  • Idea pages: These are things like Spirit Possession, Walk-Ins, Genetic Mutations, or Shapeshifters. These are pretty infrequent right now but I'd like to see them built up.
  • Object pages: These are things like the stiletto that the Alien Bounty Hunters use or the type of car Mulder and Scully use usually.