Witchcraft is the practice that resort to occult forces, colloquially known as Magic, generally with negative intent or to gain a personal profit by supernatural means. The practice of witchcraft infuses its practitioners, known as witches, with remarkable paranormal abilities such as move objects without touching them (telekinesis), kill at a distance via strange rituals etc. Witchcraft is, however, an umbrella term that indicates a wide range of esoteric practices, ranging from Hexcraft to a modern and benevolent form of witchcraft known as Wicca. One of the most recurrent symbol, considered to be a main feature of witchcraft activities, is the pentacle: a star with five tips inscribed in a circle. In popular culture, witchcraft is the supposed art of black magic associated with the Devil. Its practitioners have been persecuted and executed for centuries by the Christian Church.

In 1995, the supposed evidence of satanic rituals led the detectives Mulder and Scully to investigate in the town of Milford Haven, where some teachers of Crawley School were the last followers of an ancient and bloodthirsty pagan cult which also included the participation of children. Another witch makes her appearance at the school, showing practical examples of Witchcraft: using a personal object a witch can kill at a distance its owner by making small offerings of blood, as well as change her physical appearance, hire some bestial features such snakey eyes and simulate other people's voices. There is also a hint of the existence of demonic forces behind the practice of witchcraft (TXF: Die Hand Die Verletzt).

In Jenuary 12, 1996, a special astronomical event created an astral convergence that gave telekinetic abilities to Terri Roberts and Margi Kleinjan, two girls in the city of Comity, New Hampshire. This was possible because both girls were born on January 12, 1979, when the same planetary alignment occurred (TXF: Syzygy).


A pentagram on Nurse Waite's house frontdoor

Also in 1996, at the Aesthetic Surgery Unit of Chicago's Greenwood Memorial Hospital, a group of aesthetic surgeons has voted themselves to black magic to increase the hospital's revenue. Dr. Hartman was so skilled in sorcery to be able to change his own skin through satanic rituals, assuming each time a different identity and extending his lifespan. To oppose the group of satanic doctors was the nurse Rebecca Waite, a Wiccan, who died in the attempt. The ability of transmutation has also been proven effective in these events. (TXF: Sanguinarium)

Witches are also able to curse objects, such as dolls, turning them into murderous items that lead to deviant behavior humans nearby. (TXF: Chinga)

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