Win Shroeder (played by Tom Gallop) was the husband of Cami Shroeder and resident of The Falls at Arcadia. He was a loyal resident who helped Gene Gogolak enforce the many rules of the neighborhood. He helped Rob and Laura Petrie move in. The next day, Rob planted a pink flamingo in the yard which was promptly removed. He also vandalized his own mailbox, which was also repaired almost immediately. Inside the mailbox was a warning not to break any more rules. That evening, Shroeder caught Rob (Mulder) playing basketball and hurriedly put the hoop away. Shroeder, growing uneasy with next-door neighbors, was horrified to discover a blown bulb in his lamppost. Shroeder quickly replaced it before the Ubermenscher could arrive. He suspected that the bulb had been sabotaged by Gogolak, which was exactly the plan of Mike Raskub, who had been attacked by the Ubermenscher and was seeking revenge. After the deaths of Raskub and Gogolak, Shroeder learned of the Petries' true identities and continued to live at The Falls. (TXF: "Arcadia")