Wicca, also known as Modern Witchcraft, is a religion that reveres all life in nature. Followers refer to themselves as witches and do not perform harmful spells. (TXF: "Die Hand Die Verletzt").

Nurse Rebecca Waite , a practitioner of Wicca, was killed in 1996 when she was trying to protect the patients of a hospital's plastic surgery from a much more powerful evil wizard (TXF: "Sanguinarium").

In 1997, Dana Scully specifically looked for evidence of Wicca involvement in a case that Fox Mulder believed may have links to witchcraft. She did not find any. (TXF: "Chinga")

In 2000, an FBI agent asked Betty Templeton if she was a practitioner of Wicca. She denied it. (TXF: "Fight Club")

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