Whispering Priest

The Whispering Priest in 2008.

The Whispering Priest was a priest who worked alongside Father Ybarra at Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital in 2008.

In that year, the Whispering Priest, along with other members of the hospital's staff and doctors, witnessed – in a conference room of the hospital – Doctor Dana Scully consult an On Screen Doctor about Christian Fearon's condition. The Whispering Priest sat beside the door to the room and looked up at Father Ybarra as he entered, during Scully's discussion with her televised colleague. However, the Whispering Priest soon returned his gaze to the conversing medical practitioners, while Father Ybarra took a seat on the right of his fellow priest.

At a later meeting in the same or a similar conference room, the Whispering Priest again sat on the left of Father Ybarra. He repeatedly looked at Dr. Scully after she entered and while she argued with Father Ybarra about what Christian's fate should be. (The X-Files: I Want to Believe)

The non-speaking role of the Whispering Priest was played by J.P. Finn, who had previously worked in a production capacity on each of the first five seasons of The X-Files television series. The character was the third of three priests that Finn played in The X-Files, the others being a Chaplain in the third season episode "The List" and a Confessor in the Season 5 episode "All Souls".
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