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Voodoo is a name associated with various religions, and it is falsely associated with zombies and black magic. Though precursors and similar contemporary religions are in central and western Africa, what is called "Voodoo" or "Hoodoo" in Louisiana or "Vodou" in Haiti was created in the Americas. In addition to falsely equating "Voodoo" with Santería and other Black diasporic religions in the Americas, Voodoo has been confused with the occult, satanism, witchcraft, taoism, hexcraft, and the black art of bilocation. (TXF: "Theef"; "all things"; "Fight Club")

In 1982, Wade Davis, a Harvard ethnobotanist, did extensive research into the act of zombification. (TXF: "Fresh Bones")

While stationed in Haiti, Jacob Wharton became a voodoo practitioner after studying under Pierre Bauvais. (TXF: "Fresh Bones")

Many residents of Steveston, Massachusetts believed that the Kindred may have been involved in voodoo ceremonies. (TXF: "Gender Bender")

In 1995, many of the Haitian refugees at the Folkstone INS Processing Center practiced voodoo. This included Bauvais and Chester Bonaparte. The Marine commander, Colonel Jacob Wharton, used his voodoo knowledge to maintain order, and was involved in the deaths of Bonaparte and Private Jack McAlpin. After McAlpin's death, his wife, Robin contacted the FBI. (TXF: "Fresh Bones")

Morris Fletcher stated that his position in Majestic 12 involved more paperwork than "voodoo mind control." (TXF: "Dreamland II")

The The Lone Gunmen referred to satellite hacking as "some serious voodoo." (TXF: "Within")

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