Vassily Peskow а former KGB agent, who later worked for the Russian version of the Syndicate.


Upon learning of a black cancer outbreak in the United States, Peskow was ordered, by the Russian Syndicate, to travel there, kill anyone infected with it and destroy the virus. Peskow reluctantly accepted the task. He started with Bonita Charne-Sayre in the Well-Manicured Man's ranch in Charlottesville, Virginia, who was supposed to receive the infected rock. Then, he killed Dr. Sacks, who was studying the rock and became infected, in the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and took the rock from the facility. Then, he killed several people in a Boca Raton, Florida, convalescent home who were unknowing test subjects for the oil while dodging Dana Scully and Fox Mulder who were investigating the patients. Finally, he took a truck containing a bomb that Krycek knew about from Terma, North Dakota and drove it north into Canada in order to set it off in an oil drilling facility to destroy the rock and the virus. He saw Scully there and disarmed her, promising her that his work was done and left.

He then returned to Russia, where he was congratulated by Alex Krycek. (TXF: "Terma")

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