I'm the founder of this wiki, but have gratefully passed this site onto other, more capable hands.

I remember I was hooked on The X-Files ever since the very first episode was broadcast by the BBC. I continued to avidly watch the entire series, as well as Millenium and The Lone Gunmen. Such great shows! Founding a wiki about them seemed only logical, and I was at first surprised there wasn't one already.

However, I eventually lost interest in editing this wiki due to rife vandalism, including the deletion of my user page and repeated blocking that prevented me from even using the wiki at all, developments which Wikia refused to help me counter. These days, I'm very glad The X-Files Wiki has finally found a home with a good, productive community, and I look forward to watching from afar as it develops from now on.

You can usually find me at the Star Trek wiki, Memory Alpha, where I'm known as Defiant (Trek is really my passion). Live long and prosper! :)

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