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I first discovered the X-Files as a 12-year-old growing up in Québec, Canada, where the Cigarette-Smoking Man has his log cabin. The opening credits with the ghost figure walking in the hallway freaked me out so bad. The show's concept intrigued me, but I was too chicken to watch a whole episode; little bits were enough to keep me up at night. I saw the X-Files films years later and then watched the series on Netflix. I suppose I now have the maturity to understand what the show is about and appreciate its characters and ethical discussions. I do not believe in extraterrestrials but find them interesting as mythological creatures. I subscribe to the interdimensional hypothesis to explain the various UFO phenomena. As a Christian, I believe in spiritual beings (God, Satan, angels and demons) and find Agent Scully's spiritual walk from faith to skepticism and back to faith very moving. I also find the X-Files' invitation to question the scientific community's materialistic worldview rather refreshing.

I am an administrator and active contributor on the French language X-Files wiki. Francophone x-philes are welcome to come over and help build that site as well.

Favourite episodesEdit

Pilot (The X-Files)

Beyond the Sea




Memento Mori

Tempus Fugit, Max

Gethsemane, Redux, Redux II

Favourite characters

Kurt Crawford

Agrarian Drone

John Fitzgerald Byers

Dana Scully

Jeremiah Smith

Walter Skinner

Main contributions to the wiki




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