Uranus is the seventh planet in the solar system. It comes into conjunction with Mars and Mercury only once every eighty-four years. (TXF: "Syzygy") Some believe that Uranus was aligned with six other inner planets in the solar system at the time of the Great Flood. The incident reportedly caused Earth, the third inner planet, to be the focus of one of the biggest gravitational "tug-of-wars" in the planet's history. (MM: "Force Majeure")

On January 12, 1996, a rare planetary alignment involving Mars, Mercury and Uranus occurred. On that date, FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder was investigating a series of murder cases in Comity. Zirinka, a female astrologist, told Mulder that the inhabitants of the small town were acting strangely due to the planetary alignment. She also claimed that Uranus was in the House of Aquarius in that particular year, likening the terrible nature of its location to an Irwin Allan movie. According to Zirinka, things were destined to fall out of the sky and disaster lay await due to the position of Uranus.

She told Mulder that she would "phone the police" if she encountered a person born on January 12, 1979, as they would have a "Jupiter-Uranus opposition" forming a grand square, in which all the planets align into a cross and all the energy of the cosmos would be focused on them. (TXF: "Syzygy")

In 1997, Dennis Hoffman told Frank Black that a seven planet alignment, with Uranus at the meridian, was set to take place on May 5, 2000 and would cause a global disaster equivalent to the Great Flood. (MM: "Force Majeure")

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