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"Trust No 1" is the sixth episode of the ninth season of The X-Files.


Scully tries to arrange Mulder's return but learns that the forces against them are unrelenting.


Scully is approached by a couple, whose infant apparently shows the same strange abilities as William. The father, an NSA agent, discovered that their infant was part of the government's supersoldier project and begs her to call Mulder out of hiding to give him this information. Doggett and Reyes confirm that most everything the couple has presented gels with what they know of the supersoldiers, and at first Doggett encourages Scully to contact Mulder. Scully, fearful for Mulder's safety though desperately missing him, lies and says that she doesn't know where he went or how to get ahold of him (while absently touching a printout of an email he sent her at the beginning of the episode).

Shadow Man & Scully

The Shadow Man blows up the car Scully drove to meet him.

Later Scully is approached by another man (the Shadow Man) who has been watching her for quite some time (going so far as to detail the first night Scully and Mulder made love, that Scully was afraid of clowns as a child, and that she may not be a natural redhead) and tells her that he has files detailing the names of the supersoldiers that he will only give to Mulder. He tells her she only has one day to contact him before he disappears forever. Scully finally gives in and contacts Mulder, the temptation to see him again being far too much; she tells Doggett that she and Mulder had worked out a system to bring him back when he first left and that he would be arriving by train. Reyes, Doggett and the NSA agent cover Scully at the train station; as the train pulls up the NSA agent pulls a gun and aims it at Scully. Reyes sees this and knocks Scully down, but the agent keeps pointing his gun; the Shadow Man appears with a gun drawn. He shoots the NSA agent and approaches Scully. Before he can kill her, Doggett appears and shoots him twice, sending him falling onto the train tracks where the train passes over him


They're Watching. Scully caught by surveillance cameras.

moments later.

Train security orders the train to keep going, and while Scully consoles the NSA agent's wife, Doggett returns saying that he can't find the other man's body. Scully, fearful that the man was a supersoldier pursuing Mulder, chases after the train with Doggett and Reyes. They get a call saying that someone jumped off a train and into a rock quarry. Doggett and Reyes chase after someone they believe to be Mulder while Scully goes deeper into the quarry. She is attacked by the Shadow Man, revealed to be a super-soldier, who is mysteriously attracted to the red magnetite rocks being mined there and is subsequently destroyed by them.



Background Information[]

  • Due to the archive footage, this episode is the first of only four in Season 9 in which David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) appears, the others being "Jump the Shark" (in which he again appears in archive footage), "William" (in which Scully apparently sees a hallucination of Mulder) and the season finale, "The Truth".
  • This episode's tag line is changed to "They're Watching". In Latin America the episode title is the same as this tagline.
  • The dates in which this episode is set can be seen in Scully's e-mail to Mulder - January 7, 2002.
  • Mulder's email address is Trust_No1@mail.com. This is a reference to the last words of Deep Throat in The Erlenmeyer Flask. It was also used by Mulder as computer password in Little Green Men.
  • Scully’s email address is QUEEQUEG0925@hotmail.com. Queequeg was the name of Scully’s pet dog, which she adopted in the third season episode “Clyde Bruckner’s Final Repose”, until his death in “Quagmire”. 09/25 (/1994) is the birthday of Gillian Anderson's daughter, Piper Maru.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Scully: “These clothes that I'm wearing... they're my size. How the hell do you know my size?”
  • Shadow Man: “Your size? I know your blood type, your resting heart rate, your childhood fear of clowns. I know the name of your college boyfriend, your true hair color, your ATM pin number, favorite charities, pet peeves. I know you spend too much time alone. And I know... that on one lonely night... you invited Mulder to your bed.”
  • Scully: “Oh, my God.”
  • Shadow Man: “I was as surprised as you are.”  

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