Ellen Trent Scully at birthday party

Ellen, Dana Scully, and Trent.

Trent was the son of Dana Scully's friend Ellen and was also Scully's godson.


Trent held by Scully

Dana Scully holding Trent after he ran into wall.

Scully attended the birthday party of her godson Trent during the case involving the Jersey Devil.  She was clearly fond of the child and knew him fairly well. While Trent was celebrating his birthday with his friends, Dana Scully was talking to Trent's mother about her career in the FBI and what she thinks about her co-worker, Fox Mulder.

During the conversation, Trent continued to play with his party guests until he accidentally hit his head and ran into the wall. After noticing what Trent has done, Scully and Ellen went to Trent and comforted him to sooth his pain.

Trent notified to Scully that he was okay, he ran back to his friends to play with them some more. This happened until one of his friend's father arrived to pick up his son, Scully noticed him and eventually accepted his offer to dinner while Trent remained at home with his mother.

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