Time loss is a common symptom of close proximity to anti-gravity systems that utilize bends in space and time for the propulsion of UFOs. (TXF: "Dreamland")

A residual variation in time can occasionally be detected when transversing areas of space exposed to a UFO. (TXF: "E.B.E.") The effects of such exposure will usually persist within an exposed area until the space-time continuum has fully healed back to its original curvature. (TXF: "E.B.E.", "Dreamland II")

People who claim to have been abducted by UFOs or have made UFO sightings have commonly reported unexplained time loss. However, in the early 1990s, science maintained that time could not simply disappear as it was a universal invariant. (TXF: "Pilot")

In March 1992, FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully experienced a loss of nine minutes while driving on a highway in Oregon. Agent Mulder came to believe that time, as he and Scully understood it, had stopped in those nine minutes and that something had taken control over it. Scully, a medical doctor with a background in hard science, argued that time could not simply disappear and she would not substantiate Mulder's claim that they had experienced time loss. She discovered that an abductee's watch near the location where she and Mulder had encountered time loss had stopped at the exact minute they had begun to experience the phenomenon but she continued to deny that the phenomenon even existed. (TXF: "Pilot")

Hours after a UFO sighting in 1993, Mulder recorded a residual variation in time near Lexington, Tennessee by starting two stopwatches, one that he left outside the effected area and another that he took with him into the area. (TXF: "E.B.E.")

While taken hostage by Duane Barry in a travel agency, Mulder noted a loss of time on his watch as a bright light grew outside before soon disappearing. He revealed that he had noted this to Barry in an effort to relate to his claims of abduction by extraterrestrials. (TXF: "Duane Barry")

Duane Barry later kidnapped Agent Scully and took her to Skyland Mountain, from where she was abducted. (TXF: "Ascension") She was eventually returned with no memory of her abduction experience. (TXF: "One Breath") However, under hypnosis, she recalled being taken away and losing time. (TXF: "The Blessing Way")

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