• Hi, MechQueste,

    I have contacted Fandom Staff to mediate the situation. I am quite disheartened that you chose to request my demotion, once again, rather than simply asking to discuss any concerns you may have with me. I am available here and on Twitter, and am always open to a chat.

    All things considered, the way in which you went about the adoption was quite unethical and upsetting, as I did think, as I mentioned before, that we did have a decent working relationship and you could always have contacted me here, or on Twitter, had you any questions or concerns.

    At this point, it has been left with Fandom Staff to decide. Whatever the outcome, please know that you may absolutely contact me on any of the aforementioned channels to discuss this further.



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    • I just realized that I may have misgendered you in some of our conversations and apologize for this. I have edited those threads.

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    • Please see the resolution: [1].

      I’d like to set up an opportunity for us to chat and determine a solution that works for both of us. When would work best for you?

      I also would like to apologize if I came across as rude or pushy earlier.

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    • Hello Aubrey,

      It is nice to hear form you.

      You have done great work here and worked to put the wiki first for the benefit of everyone. That is commendable and I thank you for that.

      The adoption process was followed according to the rules of the adoption. The staff member was satisfied by the requirements and processed it accordingly. In addition, he refrained from removing your tools. You already got a ton of information from staff members about the process for adoptions, so I will not repeat. Staff made it policy to demote people who haven't contributed for a year and I opted for it. Active on other wikis do not count. No one needs to notify another of demotion. I would have certainly told you about demotion, but your reactions in 2018 proved discouraging. Also, If you had contested the demotion earlier, I would have regranted tools, but recent events told me otherwise.

      I'd encourage you to work on here and earn then like any regular user. For now, I won't regrant you tools but I would like to see you contribute a little more, then I will do so.



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    • Hi, which Discord? The link seems to have disappeared. I would very much like to discuss it further and make a few suggestions pertaining to how I could help the wiki, moving forward. Thanks!

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    • I also wanted to thank you for being civil about this. I know we haven’t exactly had the smoothest relationship, but I’m hoping that can change; this may be the perfect opportunity for that.

      Especially with regard to the adoption, I see now that I may have taken it too personally - I perceived it more as an attack/insult on myself than something done for the benefit of the wiki. Just with my past experience regarding our butting heads on the topic, I jumped to conclusions and misconstrued the action. I sincerely apologize for this, and hope we can still “rise from the ashes,” so to speak, and develop a good working relationship. :)

      I also hope that some of my wiki expertise (i.e. management, coding, engagement, promotion), as a long-term admin of many successful TV show Wikia communities, can be of use to both you and the The X-Files Wiki, moving forward.

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    • I want to thank you for the gesture above.

      Don't let it get to your ahead. I've been there but didn't make a giant fuss about it. Its about leaving a good mark on a wiki and the content. Admin and bureaucrat isn't some badge of necessity for someone to display. Its about something to show and help that comes with it. Don't sweat it. Give it a bit more time and I'll reinstate it.

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    • I agree completely. And thanks so much!

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    • Not to sound pushy at all, but would you mind temporarily reinstating my admin rights? I would like to make a few adjustments to CSS and ImportJS but the pages are sysop-only.

      On a relevant note, how do you feel about creating a Discord Chat for the wiki (in place of the Live! Chat on the right sidebar)? I feel as though it could be quite beneficial for user engagement. I'm also planning to implement a piece of code that will draw more attention to the Discussions Forum via the sidebar, as that is certainly a place that goes unnoticed on many wikis, but can be really useful to get people coming back, engaging and editing, often.

      I've also noticed the enormous amount of broken page-move links that we have, here, and was planning to go over them with a bot and get those cleaned up!

      Also, if you get a chance, please check out the discussions regarding the wiki background, on the Discussions Forum. We've had a few users share some great ideas about potential new backgrounds, and I've created a poll to get everyone's vote on the matter. [1] [2]

      I hope you're having a great weekend!

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    • Please see: Look forward to getting your input!

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    • A FANDOM user
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