• What a lovely surprise, to see that you have adopted the wiki and removed me as bureaucrat/admin without even notifying me. I may not be very active on this wiki, but to go behind my back for the adoption and then continue to completely remove my rights AS WELL after the fact, is extremely rude. 

    Also, aren’t you supposed to reach out to the “inactive” bureaucrat when adopting, to see if they are active? I am always on Fandom and always answer my messages, so if you had done this, you would have learned that I am not in fact inactive.

    Thankfully, I was able to get my bureaucrat/admin credentials reinstated, but I am extremely shocked and honestly quite upset about this. I was under the impression that we had a good working relationship, and even though I previously did not agree to your request for promotion to bureaucrat, you could have simply reached out and tried again when you saw that I was inactive on here for a while (juggling lots of things atm) and asked again. Most likely I would have said yes.

    So, I do hope we can still be professional, but this was highly upsetting to find out.

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    • Nice touch also, to remove every trace of me from the website (css pages, top navigation, admin list). What did I ever do to you? lol

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    • Hi Princess Diva, it was actually me that removed you from the top navigation links (that's the only thing I changed though). After Mech adopted this wiki and you losing administrative rights I wrongly assumed you didn't really have any intention to continue here. Sorry about that, I hope I haven't added fuel to the fire.

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    • No worries at all. I am not offended by that action, as it was a reasonable decision given what you knew. I only wish that MechQueste had made an attempt to contact me before going through with the adoption and rights removal process.

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    • A FANDOM user
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