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Mulder's search for the truth suddenly seems near its end when he and Scully meet Cassandra Spender. A multiple abductee, Cassandra believes that aliens came to Earth on a mission that has somehow gone terribly wrong. Her theory is confirmed when Krycek reveals that three abduction sites were beacons for alien colonization and the death and destruction at those sites were caused by a small alien rebel force. Determined to prevent the colonization of Earth, this force is also eliminating all proof that an alien presence was ever on the planet. Unfortunately for Mulder, his quest for the truth has made him part of the proof which must be eliminated.
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Story arc themes[]


No. in
Title Director Air Date Production
Disc 1
110 "Patient X" Kim Manners March 1, 1998 5X13
As a rebel alien race secretly attacks several groups of former abductees, the agents meet Cassandra Spender, a woman who claims to be a multiple abductee and wants to deliver a positive message about aliens, but Mulder, now skeptical about extraterrestrial activity and suspecting that the government is behind the abduction phenomena, is disturbed when Scully forms a special bond with the woman.
111 "The Red and the Black" Chris Carter March 8, 1998 5X14
After Scully and Cassandra Spender disappeared, Scully is recovered, having survived an attack on a group of abductees, and is placed under hypnosis to discover what really happened while Cassandra Spender remains missing.
117 "The End" R.W. Goodwin May 17, 1998 5X20
Investigating the murder of a chess player, Mulder and Scully meet a boy who may be the embodiment of everything in the X-Files.
118 "The Beginning" Kim Manners November 8, 1998 6ABX01
The Beginning is the first episode of the sixth season of the X Files. Just after having returned from Antarctica, Mulder and Scully conduct an unofficial search for a vicious alien in Phoenix, Arizona.
Disc 2
126 "S.R. 819" Daniel Sackheim January 26, 1999 6ABX09
Skinner is infected with a strange disease triggered by nanotechnology in his body.
128 "Two Fathers" Kim Manners October 4, 1996 6ABX11
The unexpected return of Cassandra Spender and an attack by alien rebels forces the Syndicate's hand in a move that threatens the survival of their carefully-crafted conspiracy.
129 "One Son" Rob Bowman February 14, 1999 6ABX12
An alien rebellion leads the Syndicate to its demise as their twenty-five year conspiracy approaches its disastrous collapse. .
139 "Biogenesis" Rob Bowman May 16, 1999 6ABX22
Mulder believes that metallic objects discovered in Africa are proof that life originated elsewhere in the universe.
Disc 3
140 "The Sixth Extinction" Kim Manners November 7, 1999 7ABX01
While Scully tries to piece together the meaning of the symbols on the spaceship beached in Africa, Mulder is imprisoned by his own frenetic brain activity.
141 "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" Michael Watkins November 14, 1999 7ABX02
An unconscious Mulder's dreams lead him astray from the X-Files, but Scully stays the course in her search to find him.
149 "Sein Und Zeit" Kim Manners February 6, 2000 7ABX10
The strange disappearance of a little girl leads Mulder to make connections with previous unexplained kidnappings. Yet Scully believes he is associating the case with the abduction of his sister.
150 "Closure" Kim Manners February 13, 2000 7ABX11
After years of believing that his sister was abducted by aliens, Mulder finally learns the long sought-after answers to her true fate with the help of a psychic.
Disc 4
154 "En Ami" Rob Bowman March 19, 2000 7ABX15
The Smoking Man offers to show Scully the cure for cancer if she travels with him — and hides her trip from Mulder.
161 "Requiem" Kim Manners May 21, 2000 7ABX22
Ignoring warnings to reduce their budget, Mulder and Scully research reports of alien abductions in Bellefleur, Oregon - the site of their first joint X-files investigation.
162 "Within" Kim Manners November 5, 2000 8ABX01
An FBI task force is organized to hunt for Mulder but Scully suspects the task force leader, Special Agent John Doggett, and instead chooses to search for her lost partner with Skinner.
163 "Without Kim Manners November 12, 2000 8ABX02
As the FBI task force continues to look for Mulder, they encounter an alien bounty hunter among them. Scully helps to defeat the alien and, after the task force is called off, she is surprised to learn that John Doggett, the leader of the team, has been assigned to the X-Files.
Special Features
  • Threads of Mythology" documentary
  • Commentary by director Kim Manners on "Patient X"
  • Commentary by co-writer and director Chris Carter on "The Red and the Black"
  • Commentary by director Kim Manners on "Two Fathers"
  • Commentary by co-writer Frank Spotnitz on "One Son"
  • Commentary by director Kim Manners on "Closure"
  • Commentary by director Kim Manners and actor Robert Patrick on "Within"
  • Mythology timeline
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