While investigating a series of deaths connected to a sunken World War II aircraft, Scully and Mulder encounter a mysterious black oil, which Mulder believes to be an extraterrestrial entity, capable of inhabiting a human host. A tip from Krycek leads Mulder to Siberia, where in 1908, an unidentified object smashed into the Earth. In a Russian Gulag, Mulder has a deadly encounter with the Black Oil. Meanwhile, as Scully continues to search for the truth behind their abduction, she meets a group of women abductees who all have chips identical to the one found in Scully's neck. Ultimately, Mulder and Scully discover just how far the government is willing to go to convince Mulder of their lies.
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No. in
Title Director Air Date Production
Disc 1
58"Nisei"David NutterNovember 24, 19953X09
Investigating a video of an alien autopsy, Mulder and Scully find evidence that Japanese scientists brought to America after the Second World War may have been involved in Scully's abduction.
59"731"Rob BowmanDecember 1, 19953X10
Mulder is trapped on a train carriage with a ticking bomb and a killer who claims to be an NSA agent.
64"Piper Maru"Rob BowmanFebruary 9, 19963X15
When a diver from a French salvage ship called the Piper Maru discovers a World War II fighter plane and is the only member of his crew not exposed to harmfully extreme levels of radiation, Mulder and Scully investigate.
65"Apocrypha"Kim MannersFebruary 16, 19963X16
The assassin who killed Scully's sister is finally captured after shooting Skinner while Mulder and Scully search for Alex Krycek, who has been infected with the black oil virus.
Disc 2
24"Talitha Cumi"R.W. GoodwinMay 17, 19963X24
While Scully researches a man with extraordinary healing abilities named Jeremiah Smith, Mulder finds evidence of a deadly alien bounty hunter.
25"Herrenvolk"R.W. GoodwinOctober 4, 19964X01
Pursued by an alien bounty hunter, Jeremiah Smith takes Mulder to a farm where he finds several girls who are clones of his sister.
29"Tunguska"Kim MannersNovember 24, 19964X08
After investigating the deaths of two men in connection with the recent arrival of a diplomatic pouch, Mulder is imprisoned in a brutal Russian gulag while Scully refuses to answer to formal inquiries as to his whereabouts.
30"Terma"Rob BowmanDecember 1, 19964X09
Mulder escapes from Russia and is reunited with Scully. Together, they continue to investigate a biohazardous material that was found in the diplomatic pouch and seems to have extraterrestrial origins.
Disc 3
32"Memento Mori"Rob BowmanFebruary 9, 19974X14
Scully begins to come to terms with the fact that she has cancer, but her friends and allies begin fighting to save her life, even if it means making a deal with the devil.
34"Tempus Fugit"Rob BowmanMarch 16, 19974X17
Mysterious circumstances surround the crash of a commercial jet as the agents race against government agents to discover the truth about what happened before it can be covered up.
40"Max"Kim MannersMarch 23, 19974X18
Mulder and Scully continue their investigation of a commercial airliner crash and discover that it may have been sacrificed by the military in order to obtain alien technology.
41"Zero Sum"Kim MannersApril 27, 19974X21
While Skinner tries to negotiate a deal with the Cigarette-Smoking Man in order to save Scully's life, he becomes the prime suspect in a bizarre murder and discovers an incredibly cruel experiment using civilians as test subjects.
Disc 4
49"Gethsemane"R. W. GoodwinMay 18, 19974X24
Researchers in northern Canada discover what may finally be irrefutable proof of alien existence, but even Mulder is skeptical until sinister agents begin to kill to prevent its revelation, leading to a shocking conclusion.
50"Redux"R. W. GoodwinNovember 2, 19975X01
Scully helps Mulder to fake his own death in an effort to discover which members of the FBI they can trust before the agents individually search for an answer to Scully's cancer.
51"Redux II"Kim MannersNovember 9, 19975X02
With Scully hospitalized, Mulder is offered a deal to join the Cigarette-Smoking Man and is told by Section Chief Blevins to name Assistant Director Skinner as the man responsible for Scully's cancer at a forthcoming FBI hearing. When Mulder instead names Blevins, both the Section Chief and the Cigarette-Smoking Man are shot, before Scully begins to recover.
Special Features
  • Threads of Mythology" documentary
  • Commentary by director R.W. Goodwin on "Talitha Cumi"
  • Commentary by director Rob Bowman on "Memento Mori"
  • Commentary by director Kim Manners on "Max"
  • Mythology timeline
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