Issue 3 of The X-Files Magazine was the August 1995 issue.


"A Little Dream of Me"
The third issue of Topps Comics' range of The X-Files comics
Interview - Gillian Anderson - "X Symbol"
by Dave Hughes
The Truth Is Out There
  • Brand X: Official merchandise releases
  • Watch This Space: Production wrap on Space: Above & Beyond, written and produced by Glen Morgan, James Wong and David Nutter
  • File Under X: Two new books related to the paranormal (but not specifically to The X-Files)
  • Kalifornia Dreaming: The VHS release of the film Kalifornia, starring David Duchovny
  • Extreme Possibilities: Other news stories, including the release of the fifth and six volumes in the TXF Season 1 VHS series, forthcoming episodes of the second season's broadcast on Sky One, the results of a recent unofficial poll in which first place was awarded to "The Erlenmeyer Flask" and last place was shared by "Ghost in the Machine" and "Space", and BBC controller Michael Jackson declaring interest in producing a UK version of The X-Files
Signed With An 'X'
Competition to win a photograph of Agents Mulder and Scully, signed by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, as well as ten runner-up prizes of paperback editions of the novel Whirlwind
Episode Guide
"Squeeze" and "Blood"
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