Issue 2 of The X-Files Magazine was the July 1995 issue.


"The Dismemberance of Things Past"
The second issue of Topps Comics' range of The X-Files comics
Interview - David Duchovny - "Rabbiting with Fox"
by Dave Hughes
The Truth Is Out There
  • Phenomenal: The release of the first volume in the TXF Season 1 VHS series
  • X-Fences: The forthcoming Sky One début broadcast of the Picket Fences episode "Away in the Manger", a crossover with The X-Files' second season installment "Red Museum"
  • Tune Into Sky Gear: The X-Files merchandise available in the newly published Sky Gear catalogue, free from Sky TV upon request
  • Make Mine X-Large: A recently launched range of The X-Files T-shirts
  • Conspiracies & Rumours: Other news stories, including The X-Files episodes scheduled for broadcast by Sky One, the successful reception to the first airing of "Død Kalm" in the United States of America and the imminent development of the CD-ROM The X-Files: Unrestricted Access
HMV's X-Large Giveaway!
Competition to win The X-Files t-shirts from HMV
Episode Guide
"Deep Throat" and "The Host"
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