The X-Files Files is a podcast hosted by Kumail Nanjiani on the Feral Audio Podcast Network.[1]

A typical podcast episode involves Kumail and a guest discussing two episodes of the X-Files. The podcast started with X-Files Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot, and continues through almost every subsequent episode in order. The discussion often covers topics of the theatrical arts, such as characterizations, plot, writing, directing, acting, lighting, music, casting, etc. The podcast often discusses how the relationships between characters develop during the episode and how it relates to the series as a whole. Sometimes social issues, such as government experimentation or secrecy, will be discussed as they relate to the X-Files episode.

There are also special podcast episodes that do not cover a specific X-Files episode. Some of these involve Kumail interviewing someone who worked on X-Files, such as writer Glen Morgan, composer Mark Snow, or producer Steve Asbell.

The podcast has been covered by AV Club. [2]

As of October 2014, the podcast had reached Season 2 Episode 17.

Pcast Ep XFiles Ep Names Se Ep Guests
1 Pilot 1 1 Devin Faraci
2 Squeeze 1 3 DC Pierson
3 Conduit 1 4 Dan Harmon
4 Ghost in the Machine, Ice 1 7,8 Ricky Carmona
5 Fallen Angel, Eve 1 10,11 Devin Faraci
6 Interview Emily Gordon
7 Fire, Beyond the Sea 1 12,13 Jeff Rubin, Patrick Cassels
8 Gender Bender, Young at Heart 1 14,16 Rhea Butcher
9 E.B.E. 1 17 Dean Haglund (X-Files actor)
10 Interview Mark Snow (X-Files Composer)
11 Darkness Falls, Tooms 1 20,21 Emma Caulfield
12 Roland, The Erlenmeyer Flask 1 23,24 Devin Faraci
13 Little Green Men, The Host 2 1,2 Brea Grant, Zane Grant
14 Blood, Sleepless 2 3,4 Emily Gordon
15 Duane Barry, Ascension 2 5,6 Paul Scheer
16 3, One Breath 2 7,8 Rhea Butcher
17 Interview Glen Morgan (X-Files writer, co-exec producer)
18 Firewalker, Red Museum, Excelsis Dei 2 9,10,11 Emily Gordon. Bonus interview with Kevin Smith
19 Aubrey, Irresistible 2 12,13 Steve Asbell (exec producer X-Files I want to believe )
20 Die Hand Die Verletzt, Fresh Bones 2 14,15 Matt Braunger
21 Colony, End Game 2 16,17 Ricky Carmona
22 Fearful Symmetry, Dod Kalm 2 18,19 Matt Mira


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