The X-Files comes to LEGO with your Help!

The X-Files comes to LEGO with your Help!

Idea workshop statusEdit

At the time of writing:

  • The support votes stand at 4,114 votes, just under 6,000 more votes needed for expert review.
  • The project's current 10k vote deadline is January 18, 2021.
    • At the 5k votes milestone, the deadline will extend by 180 days to July 17, 2021, with no more milestones.


Lego Mulder's Office

The set would be comprised of pieces that make up the corner of Mulder's Office, including the iconic poster, his desk, skylights, filing cabinets and various props and posters.

Planned MinifiguresEdit

Fox Mulder

Dana Scully

Walter Skinner

Cigarette Smoking Man

Alex Krycek

John Fitzgerald Byers

Melvin Frohike

Richard Langly

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