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"The Time is Now" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of Millennium.


After learning that the Millennium Group is spreading a virus across America, Frank locates Lara Means and takes his family to a cabin in the woods. (Part 2 of 2)


Continuing from "The Fourth Horseman", several Millennium Group members in biohazard suits clear out a house full of bodies, victims of a viral outbreak; outside, dozens of bird corpses litter the ground.

Group member Frank Black returns home with his wife Catherine and daughter Jordan. Black realizes that the family home holds painful memories and decides to find somewhere else to settle; the post that day contains a deed from his late father, who had left him a cabin in the woods. Later, Blacks meets with Richard Gilbert, who is trying to convince Black to join his corporate security firm. Black reaffirms his commitment to the Group, however, Gilbert warns that their lives may be threatened by the Group's activities. The next day, Black learns that Gilbert died in a car accident; he believes the vehicle may have been tampered with.

Later, fellow Group member Peter Watts tells Black that he has uncovered computer files from the Group, indicating that a virus discovered by bio-weapons scientists in the Soviet Union has been living dormant in bird species since the end of the Cold War, and may now be making a resurgence in the United States. Watts reveals that a vaccine has been developed by the Group, but only in sufficient quantities for its members; Watts and Black have already been inoculated without having realized at the time. Black tells Watts to locate Lara Means, another Group member, as he hopes to keep them safe in the cabin until the crisis resolves.

Watts arrives at Means' home, but is confronted by other Group members and assaulted. Means is inside, experiencing a prolonged hallucination. She considers suicide, instead writing something and sealing it in an envelope. Black finds her home, accompanied by paramedics who take her away. She gives Black the envelope—containing a phial of vaccine—and he thanks her, unable to discover what happened to Watts.

Black takes his family to the woodland cabin, where he and Catherine decide that the dose of vaccine should be given to Jordan. Black and Catherine discuss how they would handle infection; Catherine asks to be euthanized, Black states he would wander off to die alone. That night, Catherine wakes up, experiencing symptoms of the disease. She quietly leaves the cabin and walks into the forest. The next morning, Black wakes up, and finding blood on Catherine's pillow, realizes she has gone. He cradles his daughter as the screen flashes images of the collapse of society, interspersed with video noise.

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  • The 'Old Man's' computer displays the message "There are 595 days remaining".

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