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The First (and only) Season of The Lone Gunmen commenced airing on FOX network in the United States on March 4, 2001, and concluded on June 1, 2001 after airing thirteen episodes.


Three underground journalists, John Fitzgerald Byers, Melvin Frohike, and Richard "Ringo" Langley, pursue the truth on stories that the mainstream media ignores. They are joined by Jimmy Bond, a former patsy of Eastern European criminals and who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and Yves Adele Harlow, a freelance spy who hides behind anagram names. Together the five just barely get by as they frequently find themselves way over their heads.


No. Episode Name / Summary
Bertram Roosevelt Byers and John Fitzgerald Byers 1x01 "Pilot"

While he and the other Lone Gunmen attempt to steal a computer chip, Byers receives news of his father's death and the trio soon find themselves unraveling a government conspiracy in which an attempt to fly a commercial aircraft into the World Trade Center would result in increased arms sales for the United States of America.

Jimmy Bond as coach of blind football 1x02 "Bond, Jimmy Bond"

While searching for the killer of an infamous hacker, the three Lone Gunmen find... a fourth.

Melvin Frohike with Anna Haag 1x03 "Eine Kleine Frohike"

Frohike attempts to convince a Nazi war criminal that he is her long-lost son.

Lone Gunmen in missile silo 1x04 "Like Water for Octane"

While searching for a water-powered car, the Gunmen encounter missile silos, rude government clerks, and... cows.

Lone Gunmen with William Jefferson 1x05 "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper"

The Lone Gunmen turn babysitters while working to expose the truth behind a murder.

Charlie Muckle digitized 1x06 "Madam, I'm Adam"

A man contacts the Lone Gunmen, believing he has been abducted by aliens.

Lone Gunmen and Yves Adele Harlow with Peanuts 1x07 "Planet of the Frohikes"

The Lone Gunmen receive a message from an ingenious chimp attempting to escape a government laboratory.

John Fitzgerald Byers and Jimmy Bond in prison 1x08 "Maximum Byers"

Byers and Jimmy pose as prisoners on death row, in an attempt to prove a man's innocence.

Jimmy Bond in hospital 1x09 "Diagnosis: Jimmy"

While recovering in a hospital, Jimmy begins to suspect that his doctor is a wanted killer.

Yves Adele Harlow and Leonardo Santavos dance 1x10 "Tango de los Pistoleros"

In an effort to thwart an arms trade at an upcoming tango competition, Yves and Frohike separately go undercover as tango dancers.

Walter Skinner and Jimmy Bond disguised as Skinner 1x11 "The Lying Game"

While investigating the death of Byers' college roommate, the Lone Gunmen find evidence implicating FBI Assistant Director Skinner.

Fred Tobalowski as Cap'n Toby 1x12 "The Cap'n Toby Show"

The Gunmen try to solve the murders of two FBI agents who were working undercover on Langly's favourite TV show.

The Lone Gunmen with Jimmy Bond and Morris Fletcher 1x13 "All About Yves"

The Gunmen team up with "Man in Black" Morris Fletcher to search for Yves, in the possibility that she is a member of a secret government organization responsible for decades of major terrorist acts and other historical, fatal incidents.


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  • Although subsequent seasons of The Lone Gunmen television series were originally planned, this first season became the only one produced as a result of the series' cancellation.
  • The ratings for this season were higher than the ratings for Season 1 of The X-Files.
  • This season takes place at the same time as Season 8 of The X-Files (in 2000 and 2001).

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