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"The Judge" is the fourth episode of the first season of Millennium.


Frank Black encounters a man who calls himself "the Judge", a killer who leads aimless young men to murder those he commands must die.


In a bowling alley, ex-convict Carl Nearman (J. R. Bourne) watches another man eat his meal before following him outside, where he approaches and kills him. Elsewhere, Annie Tisman (Donna White) receives a human tongue in a package. The Millennium Group sends offender profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) and pathologist Cheryl Andrews (C. C. H. Pounder) to investigate, as several people have received body parts in the post over the past few years. No connection between the recipients has been found, nor have the bodies the parts have been culled from.

Mike Bardale (John Hawkes) is a violent recidivist who has recently been released from prison again. He is approached by a man calling himself The Judge (Marshall Bell), who offers Bardale a position in his "court". The Judge is a vigilante, hiring convicts to mete out his version of justice against those he perceives as criminals. Bardale's first "execution" is that of his forebear, Nearman.

The body of the man killed outside the bowling alley is discovered, missing a tongue. It is identified as a retired police officer, Detective Mellen, who had given false testimony that had sent Annie Tisman's late husband to prison. Black realizes that the killer is motivated by the need to right wrongs such as this, killing those who have gotten away with crimes. Meanwhile, The Judge passes sentence on another victim—a slumlord whose negligence caused a tenant's death. Bardale is ordered to cut the landlord's leg off while he is still alive; the leg is later found in a postal depot in a package.

Forensic evidence on the package eventually leads to Bardale, and then to The Judge. The Judge is arrested for questioning, and knowing that there is not enough evidence to warrant sentencing him, he offers Black a job with him. Black refuses, but The Judge is released. Bardale is incensed that The Judge has manipulated the law to his own ends, and passes sentence on him for hypocrisy. Finding Bardale alone in a farmhouse, Black discovers that the convict had fed The Judge to his pigs.

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