While continuing work not related to the X-files, Mulder apparently finds evidence of a giant killer human-merged with flukeworm monster in the New Jersey sewage system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

From the book jacket
Down in the Depths...
When Fox Mulder is sent to investigate a body that has been found floating in the sewers of Newark, New Jersey, he's insulted by the ordinary nature of the case. But when several sewer workers are attacked by a vicious sludge-dwelling monster, Mulder believes that something sinister is at work.
   He and his partner, Scully, soon find themselves on the slimy trail of a creature that is as disgusting as it is dangerous. Half-man, half-parasite, it has been attacking humans—and leaving its larvae behind to feed on their flesh. Mulder and Scully must find out where the creature came from—and put a stop to its reproductive killing spree...

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Fox Mulder
Dana Scully
Agent Brisentine
Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Detective Norman
Doctor Zenzola
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