You may also be looking for information about the killer known as the Frenchman.

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From the book jacket
This Is The Way The World Ends
The signs are everywhere. A stripper's mutilated corpse. Prophecies scrawled on a highway overpass. The living dead interred in homemade coffins beside a freezing river. Darkness visible is stalking Seattle's sexual underground and the police can't stop it.
Frank Black quit the Bureau and moved his wife and daughter to Seattle to keep them safe. But it may be too late. As the millennium approaches, the darkness only he can see has followed him. Now, Frank Black and the enigmatic Millennium Group are pitted against a tormented serial killer whose visions mirror Frank's own: the death throes of a world - our world - spinning into the abyss.
Based on the highest-rated pilot in Fox television history, this premier Millennium novelization by award-winning author Elizabeth Hand captures the vision and excitement of the original script by The X-Files creator, Chris Carter.

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Background Check Edit

  • This book includes the prologue and first two chapters of the next book in the series, Gehenna.

Characters Edit

Frank Black
Catherine Black
Jordan Black
Jack Meredith
Lieutenant Bob Bletcher
Detective Roger Kamm
Detective Bob Geibelhouse
Pathologist Curt Massey
Peter Watts
the Frenchman
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