Author: Andy Meisler
Publisher: HarperPrism
Published: March 22, 2000
Pages: 299
Reference: 0061075957

The End and the Beginning: The Official Guide to The X-Files is a reference book written by Andy Meisler and published by HarperPrism.


For the past six years, The X-Files has challenged, enlightened, and entertained millions of viewers worldwide. With fascinating storylines, visual creativity, and superb characterizations, it has broken new ground and become a media phenomenon. Now fans of the acclaimed dramatic series created by Chris Carter and starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can discover the truth about the show's sixth season with this comprehensive and authoritative episode guide to behind-the-scenes details including:

  • More than 230 photographs of Mulder, Scully, and other characters as well as the most evocative images from every episode
  • In-depth synopses for every show-including dialogue, action sequences, back stories, and the most exciting plot twists
  • Exclusive interviews with the cast and crew including Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, Frank Spotnitz, as well as X-Files guest stars and production staff
  • A breakdown on special effects, wardrobe, location shooting, and post production
  • Complete listings of ratings, worldwide broadcast outlets, and awards