Season Series ImageTitleWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate
Dana Scully meets Fox Mulder
"Pilot"Chris Carter Robert Mandel September 10, 1993
Dana Scully is assigned to work with Fox Mulder, an FBI agent with an interest in the paranormal. Together, they travel to Oregon where Mulder believes several teenagers have been abducted by aliens.
U.S. viewers (millions): 12.0 million / Rating/Share: 7.9
Fox Mulder under UFO
"Deep Throat"Chris Carter Daniel Sackheim September 17, 1993
When Mulder and Scully investigate a possible conspiracy in the U.S. Air Force, a mysterious character helps Mulder to differentiate between fact and fiction.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.1 million / Rating/Share: 7.3
Eugene Victor Tooms reaching
"Squeeze" Glen Morgan & James Wong Harry Longstreet September 24, 1993
Mulder and Scully investigate a serial killer who has been active since at least 1903 and is capable of squeezing his body through narrow gaps.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.1 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Conduit" Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon Daniel Sackheim October 1, 1994
Mulder becomes personally connected when he and Scully encounter a young boy who is deeply affected by the disappearance, or abduction, of his teenage sister.
U.S. viewers (millions): 9.2 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Jersey Devil
"The Jersey Devil" Chris Carter Joe Napolitano October 9, 1993
While investigating a seemingly cannabilistic murderer, Mulder and Scully encounter a beast woman.
U.S. viewers (millions): 10.4 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Shadows" Glen Morgan & James Wong Michael Katleman October 22, 1993
When two extremely odd corpses appear in Philadelphia, Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths and meet a female secretary who seems to be protected by a strange invisible force.
U.S. viewers (millions): 8.8 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Ghost in the Machine" Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon Jerrold Freedman October 29, 1993
The agents must survive in a building that is controlled by a murderous computer.
U.S. viewers (millions): 9.5 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Parasitic ice worms
"Ice" Glen Morgan & James Wong David Nutter November 5, 1993
In an Arctic research station, Mulder and Scully are threatened by primordial ice worms that cause their hosts to become dangerously paranoid.
U.S. viewers (millions): 10.0 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Space" Chris Carter William Graham November 12, 1993
When Mulder and Scully are told of sabotage attempts to NASA Space Shuttles, the agents investigate the reports and find that the space agency may be under alien control.
U.S. viewers (millions): 10.7 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Fox Mulder sees Max Fenig suspended
"Fallen Angel"Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa Larry Shaw November 19, 1993
Mulder is informed about a government cover-up of a UFO crash site, but finds that a fellow UFO enthusiast is also interested in the find.
U.S. viewers (millions): 8.8 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Eve" Kenneth Biller & Chris Brancato Fred Gerber December 10, 1993
The agents encounter two girls who look identical and whose individual fathers were murdered in similar, odd circumstances at the same moment over 3000 miles apart.
U.S. viewers (millions): 10.4 million / Rating/Share: 6.8
"Fire" Chris Carter Larry Shaw December 17, 1993
Mulder must overcome his phobia of fire to catch a mutant killer with fire-controlling capabilities.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.1 million / Rating/Share: 6.8
Dana Scully is watched by Luther Lee Boggs
"Beyond the Sea" Glen Morgan & James Wong David Nutter January 7, 1994
After Scully's father dies, her skepticism is put to the test by a prisoner on death row who claims that by using recently gained psychic powers, he can help catch a kidnapper.
U.S. viewers (millions): 10.8 million / Rating/Share: 6.8
"Gender Bender" Larry Barber & Paul Barber Rob Bowman January 21, 1994
Mulder and Scully investigate an enclosed community called the Kindred who appear to have the ability to switch gender.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.1 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Lazarus" Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon David Nutter February 4, 1994
After a fellow agent and friend of Scully's is shot by a criminal who Scully shoots in turn, the agent is revived but Mulder suspects that he is not who he appears to be.
U.S. viewers (millions): 12.1 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Joe Ridley
"Young at Heart" Scott Kaufer and Chris Carter Michael Lange February 11, 1994
Mulder must stop an elusive stalker who he captured in his youth, but who seems to have remained the same age.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.5 million / Rating/Share: N/A
E. B.E. Deep Throat
"E.B.E."Glen Morgan & James Wong William Graham February 18, 1994
After a downed UFO crashes near Iraqi airspace, Mulder and Scully follow an unmarked truck carrying the UFO's occupant.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.7 million / Rating/Share: N/A
"Miracle Man" Chris Carter & Howard Gordon Michael Lange March 18, 1994
Mulder and Scully encounter a religious healer who seems to have the power to perform miracles.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.6 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Lyle Parker
"Shapes" Marilyn Osborn David Nutter April 1, 1994
The shooting of a Native American draws Mulder and Scully into mystery involving lycanthropy, the phenomenon that opened the X-files.
U.S. viewers (millions): 11.5 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Steve Humphreys cocooned
"Darkness Falls" Chris Carter Joe Napolitano April 15, 1994
The agents become trapped in a forest where thirty loggers strangely disappeared, with the same fate eerily approaching them.
U.S. viewers (millions): 12.5 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Eugene Victor Tooms covered in sludge
"Tooms" Glen Morgan & James Wong David Nutter April 22, 1994
Eugene Victor Tooms - a limb-stretching serial killer who Mulder previously captured - is released from prison and set free against Mulder's advice.
U.S. viewers (millions): 13.4 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Born Again
"Born Again" Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa Jerrold Freedman April 29, 1994
The agents investigate an eight year old girl who is associated with the killings of two policemen that Mulder suspects murdered her past reincarnation, police officer Charlie Morris.
U.S. viewers (millions): 13.7 million / Rating/Share: N/A
Roland Fuller
"Roland" Chris Ruppenthal David Nutter May 1, 1994
The agents encounter a mentally handicapped janitor who is the only suspect in the murders of two propulsion research scientists, but the evidence of advanced theoretical work astounds Mulder and Scully as to the killer's real identity.
U.S. viewers (millions): 12.5 million / Rating/Share: 7.9
The Erlenmeyer Flask - alien baby
"The Erlenmeyer Flask"Chris Carter R.W. Goodwin May 8, 1994
The agents discover evidence of secret government experimentation with alien DNA, but the evidence and everyone who has seen it are quickly being eliminated.
U.S. viewers (millions): 14.0 million / Rating/Share: 8.8
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