Season Series ImageTitleWriterDirectorOriginal Airdate
My Struggle (01)
"My Struggle" Chris Carter Chris Carter January 24, 2016
At the behest of Assistant Director Skinner, Mulder and Scully reunite in Washington, D.C., where they rendezvous with extremist online webcaster named Tad O'Malley. The clandestine meeting leads to a young woman named Sveta, who claims to have memories of having her fetuses stolen from her during alien abductions.
U.S. viewers (millions): 16.19 million / Rating/Share: 6.1
Founder's Mutation
"Founder's Mutation" James Wong James Wong January 25, 2016
With the X-Files now re-opened, Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate the mysterious suicide death of a geneticist. Their search leads them to a research facility where extreme genetic experimentation has bred subjects possessing strange powers.
U.S. viewers (millions): 9.67 million / Rating/Share: 3.2
Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster
"Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" Darin Morgan Darin Morgan February 1, 2016
Mulder and Scully are dispatched to Oregon where a dead body is found in the woods with its throat ripped open. Was it an animal attack?, a serial killer?, or a strange lizard thingy as described by eyewitnesses?
U.S. viewers (millions): 8.37 million / Rating/Share: 2.7
XF 10.04 HomeAgain MulderScully
"Home Again" Glen Morgan Glen Morgan February 8, 2016
Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate the murder of a city official, which it seems no human could have committed. Meanwhile, Scully deals with a personal tragedy, which brings up many old feelings about the child she gave away for adoption.
U.S. viewers (millions): 8.31 million / Rating/Share: 2.5
"Babylon"Chris Carter Chris Carter February 15, 2016
When an art gallery that's showing potentially offensive artwork is bombed, Mulder and Scully seek some way to communicate with the comatose bomber in order to prevent a future attack. Scully seeks answers from neuroscience and Mulder from mysticism.
U.S. viewers (millions): 7.07 million / Rating/Share: 2.1
My StruggleII
"My Struggle II" Story by: Dr. Anne Simon & Dr. Margaret Fearon & Chris Carter

Teleplay by: Chris Carter

Chris Carter February 22, 2016
The investigations that Mulder and Scully previously began with conspiracy theorist Tad O'Malley have awakened powerful enemies. A widespread panic begins as people all over the country suddenly start falling gravely ill, and Scully must look within to try and find a cure. Meanwhile, Mulder confronts the man whom he believes to be behind it all, but another figure from Mulder and Scully’s past may prove to be the key to their salvation.
U.S. viewers (millions): 7.60 million / Rating/Share: 2.4
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