Jack Meredith

Jack Meredith in 1996

Jack Meredith was a resident of Seattle, Washington and a neighbor of the Black family.

Jack Meredith first met Frank Black one morning in early 1996, when Frank was moving to Seattle. Frank was collecting a morning paper that was regularly delivered to his house when Jack greeted him, holding his own newspaper in his hand. Frank explained to his new neighbor that he and his wife, Catherine, were originally from Seattle but had been living in Washington, D.C. with their daughter, Jordan, for the past ten years. When Jack politely asked why Frank and his wife had returned to Seattle, he learned that Frank wanted to "come home and put some roots down". Jack admitted that Frank's answer made sense and asked him what he worked as. Under the impression that the Millennium Group was a consulting company, Frank replied that he did some consulting.

— from the file at Jack Meredith
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