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Television is the receipt of a broadcast signal which is converted to pictures and sound by specialist equipment. The resulting images are watched for the purposes of entertainment and/or information.

Televison Sets and technology[]

Immediately before her abudction Samantha Mulder argued with her brother Fox Mulder over what television show to watch. (TXF:"Little Green Men").

At an electronics convention, Melvin Frohike and Richard Langly were competing for Cable television customers in adjacent booths (TXF:"Unusual Suspects")

Kevin Morris received hidden Binary transmissions from the family television set, which he promptly transcribed. Although the sections of the code had random effects, when the sheets of paper he wrote on were laid out, they created the image of his abductee Sister, Ruby Morris. (TXF:"Conduit").

While incacerated after his apprehension by Mulder and Scully, Darren Peter Oswald was able to change television channels using his power over lightning and electricity. (TXF:"D.P.O.")

During a series of murders in New Hampshire caused by astral phenomena, many television sets in proximity played the same old time movie on different channels (TXF:"Syzygy")

The water supply of a town was poisioned with a chemical which left the users susceptible to subliminal images via modified cable signals. Once seen, these images triggered murderous paranoia (TXF:"Wetwired")

Television Programming[]

Walter Skinner is seen in the audience of a televised debate on the ethics of human cloning by the First Elder. (TXF:"Redux II")

Mulder sees Fox News coverage of the apprehension of Patrick Garland Crump and the subsequent deatn of Vicky Jenkins Crump. (TXF:"Drive")

An episode of COPS followed Mulder and Scully as they investigated a series of bizarre disturbances across a Los Angeles neighbourhood (TXF:X-COPS)

Behind the Scenes[]

The X-Files began as a television show, although it has spun out into films. Millennium and The Lone Gunmen are also television shows.