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A telephone is a means of audio communication. Telephones are used frequently by FBI Special Agents and

Dana Scully using her phone

other characters to contact one another when an important event is occurring or may occur. The telephones are mostly seen and used by Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they contact each other numerous of times to inform each other on what they believe the X-File they are investigating is truly about or communication for the location of one another and to give orders on how to proceed situations from different locations.

Telephones are also used by members of the Syndicate to inform each other about the whereabouts of certain characters and to inform one another to execute an order.

Notable Telephone Calls[]

In 1992, Mulder received a phone call from an anonymous woman that puzzled him, due to the caller's anonymity.

Fox Mulder using his phone to contact Dana Scully

The unnamed caller informed Mulder of the distressing news that Peggy O'Dell was dead and Mulder discovered, shortly after the call, that the mysterious caller had actually been Theresa Nemman.

Mulder later called his newly assigned partner, Agent Scully, at 11:22 p.m. one night. Mentioning that he was having trouble sleeping, Mulder notified Scully that paperwork they had filed with the D.A.'s office in Raymon County, Oregon had gone missing. She agreed that they would talk the next day before putting the phone down, effectively ending their call. (TXF: "Pilot")

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