Telepathy is the transfer of thoughts between individuals by mental processes. One form of telepathy reputed to exist is termed "mindscan" by abductees and is a process whereby a single alien or a group of such individuals not only mentally speak to an abductee but can also read the abductee's mind, with the option of whether or not to listen to the abductee. (TXF: "Duane Barry") In theory, ectoplasm (also known as psychic plasma) is a residual by-product of telepathic communication. (TXF: "Dæmonicus") Telepathy is often studied by FBI agents investigating the X-files. (TXF: "The End", et al.)

While assigned to the X-files unit in 1991, Agents Fox Mulder and Diana Fowley spent some time in psychiatric hospitals, where Fowley witnessed telepathy being demonstrated by some patients. Years later, in 1998, Fowley remarked that, despite her experiences, she likely hadn't seen anything quite like the mind-reading capabilities of Gibson Praise. (TXF: "The End")

In 1994, Agent Mulder found that killer Augustus Cole had developed the ability to kill his victims using, essentially, telepathic images. According to Mulder, Cole - having been subjected to long-term sleep deprivation - did this by remotely stimulating the cortex of each victim using electricity, causing his victims to experience mild visual and auditory hallucinations. (TXF: "Sleepless")

In 1997, Peter Watts told Frank Black that, since he himself did not believe in telepathy, he had had to assume that two identical female clones who had each ultimately killed herself had earlier been in contact with one another, a theory that had subsequently been proven partly correct - the girls had been in indirect contact via a man who had created them. (MM: "Force Majeure")

After Agent Mulder and a group of employees from VinylRight Corporation were taken hostage in May 1998, their captor, the crazed Mark Backus, claimed not only that Greg Pincus - a supervisor of a VinylRight telemarketing office, where Backus and the other employees worked - was a monster and that the other employees were zombies but also that Pincus could instruct the zombies by means of mental telepathy. (TXF: "Folie à Deux")

In response to Agent Monica Reyes criticizing his techniques of searching for killer Jeb Larold Dukes in 2001, Agent John Doggett irritably pretended that Reyes, who preferred more intuitive methods, and himself were the only two agents at the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building who could solve crimes with mental telepathy, which he rhetorically asked if they should simply use instead. (TXF: "Empedocles")


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