Teena Simmons after her father's death.

Teena Simmons was the daughter of Claudia Simmons and Joel Simmons and clone in the Eve Series of clones. She was born around 1985 in San Francisco, California, and later moved with her parents to Greenwich, Connecticut.


Birth and Cloning

The Simmons had fertility problems and attended a clinic where Doctor Sally Kendrick treated them. However, instead of being fertilized with her and her husband's genetic material, Claudia Simmons was impregnated with a modified clone from the Eve Series. Sally Kendrick was an escaped member of the Eve Series who had sought to continue the work started during the Lichfield Experiments by creating a second run of the Series.

At around the age of 6, Teena lost her mother to cancer. On November 7, 1993, her father also died. Teena claimed that he had only been away from her father for a few minutes and in that time most of his blood had been drained from his body. However, it was Teena who had killed her father in a plan to be united with her clone, Cindy Reardon, also created by Sally Kendrick.

X-Files Case and Rebirth


The twins claim Eve 7's death was suicide to Dana Scully.

FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully began to investigate the strange death shortly before Teena was taken to Fairfield County Social Services Hostel.

When Mulder and Scully visited her there, she told them that there had been red lightning and that "men from the clouds" had been after her father. As a clone in the Eve series, Teena had exceptional intelligence and insight.

She was probably leading Mulder to believe the case was supernatural in order to throw him off the scent.

That night, Teena's room was broken into and she was kidnapped by Kendrick. Now united with Cindy, the two hatched a plan to poison Kendrick, who they viewed as weak for rejoining society. When the FBI arrived, Teena blamed the suicidal tendencies of the Eve Series for the death and the two were taken into custody by Mulder and Scully. They attempted also to poison their FBI protectors but were foiled and sent to Whiting Institute for the Criminally Insane. Once there, they made contact with Eve 6 and Eve 8. Teena was re-christened Eve 9. (TXF: "Eve")

Teena Simmons was played by Sabrina Krievins.
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