Tad O'Malley is the host of a right-wing conspiracy theory television show. He contacts Fox Mulder and Dana Scully for their help in investigating Sveta's claims that she was abducted by men using alien technology.


After investigating the abduction of Sveta, Mulder and O'Malley decide to take their theory public. However, before a statement could publicly be made, O'Malley mysteriously vanishes. (TXF: "My Struggle")

Six weeks later, his show returns to the air, in which he states he has a story that will shock the people watching. During this Scully experiences a vision of the end of the world and subsequently passes out. (TXF: My Struggle II")

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In a vision experienced by Scully, O'Malley begins to report on a contagion spread across North America, in which people are admitted to hospital (and some even dying). Although showing signs of infection himself, O'Malley remains on the air as long as he can, and notifies his audiences that a cure is being worked on. (TXF: My Struggle II")

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