The X-Files: Season 4 DVD was released in USA and Canada on November 13, 2001 and April 22 and 24, 2002 in Europe and Australia. The DVD is a 7 disc set, containing all 24 episodes from the fourth season, as well as several special features.

No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
Disc 1
741"Herrenvolk"‡R.W. GoodwinChris CarterOctober 4, 19964X0121.11
752"Home"Kim MannersGlen Morgan & James WongOctober 11, 19964X0318.85
763"Teliko"James CharlestonHoward GordonOctober 18, 19964X0418.01
774"Unruhe"Rob BowmanVince GilliganOctober 27, 19964X0219.10
Disc 2
785"The Field Where I Died"Rob BowmanGlen Morgan & James WongNovember 3, 19964X0519.85
796"Sanguinarium"Kim MannersValerie Mayhew & Vivian MayhewNovember 10, 19964X0618.85
807"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"‡James WongGlen MorganNovember 17, 19964X0717.09
818"Tunguska"‡Kim MannersFrank Spotnitz & Chris CarterNovember 24, 19964X0918.85
Disc 3
829"Terma"‡Rob BowmanFrank Spotnitz & Chris CarterDecember 1, 19964X1017.34
8310"Paper Hearts"Rob BowmanVince GilliganDecember 15, 19964X0816.59
8411"El Mundo Gira"Tucker GatesJohn ShibanJanuary 12, 19974X1122.37
8512"Leonard Betts"Kim MannersVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzJanuary 26, 19974X1429.15
Disc 4
8613"Never Again"Rob BowmanGlen Morgan & James WongFebruary 2, 19974X1321.36
8714"Memento Mori"‡Rob BowmanChris Carter & Vince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzFebruary 9, 19974X1519.10
8815"Kaddish"Kim MannersHoward GordonFebruary 16, 19974X1216.56
8916"Unrequited"Michael LangeStory: Howard Gordon

Teleplay: Howard Gordon & Chris Carter
February 23, 19974X1616.56
Disc 5
9017"Tempus Fugit"‡Rob BowmanChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMarch 16, 19974X1718.85
9118"Max"‡Kim MannersChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMarch 23, 19974X1818.34
9219"Synchrony"James CharlestonHoward Gordon & David GreenwaltApril 13, 19974X1918.09
9320"Small Potatoes"Cliff BoleVince GilliganApril 20, 19974X2020.86
Disc 6
9421"Zero Sum"‡Kim MannersHoward Gordon & Frank SpotnitzApril 27, 19974X2118.60
9522"Elegy"James CharlestonJohn ShibanMay 4, 19974X2217.10
9623"Demons"‡Kim MannersR. W. GoodwinMay 11, 19974X2319.10
9724"Gethsemane"‡R. W. GoodwinChris CarterMay 18, 19974X2419.85
Disc 7 (Special Features)
  • "The Truth About Season Four" Featurette
  • 5 interview clips with Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan, James Wong and Chris Carter
  • 6 special effects clips with audio commentary
  • 9 deleted scenes with optional commentary by Chris Carter
  • 13 "Behind The Truth" TV spots
  • 30 promotional TV Spots
  • International clips from 6 episodes
  • DVD ROM game - "Urbs Tertia"


Fox Home Entertainment re-released every season of The X-Files on Region 1 DVD in 2006 in slimmer packaging. However, some discs were omitted therefore some special features listed above may not be present on the newer Region 1 Sets. Fox Home Entertainment also re-released the The X-Files on Region 2 DVD in slimmer packaging in late 2004/early 2005, the content was exactly the same as the original releases.

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