The X-Files: Season 1 DVD was released in USA and Canada on May 9, 2000 and November 6, 2000 in Europe. The DVD is a 7 disc set, containing all 24 episodes from the first season, as well as several special features.

No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
Disc 1
11"Pilot"‡Robert MandelChris CarterSeptember 10, 19931X7912.0
22"Deep Throat"‡Daniel SackheimChris CarterSeptember 17, 19931X0111.1
33"Squeeze"Harry LongstreetGlen Morgan & James WongSeptember 24, 19931X0211.1
44"Conduit"Daniel SackheimAlex Gansa & Howard GordonOctober 1, 19931X039.2
Disc 2
55"The Jersey Devil"Joe NapolitanoChris CarterOctober 8, 19931X0410.4
66"Shadows"Michael KatlemanGlen Morgan & James WongOctober 22, 19931X058.8
77"Ghost in the Machine"Jerrold FreedmanAlex Gansa & Howard GordonOctober 29, 19931X069.5
88"Ice"David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongNovember 5, 19931X0710.0
Disc 3
99"Space"William GrahamChris CarterNovember 12, 19931X0810.7
1010"Fallen Angel"‡Larry ShawAlex Gansa & Howard GordonNovember 19, 19931X098.8
1111"Eve"Fred GerberKenneth Biller & Chris BrancatoDecember 10, 19931X1010.4
1212"Fire"Larry ShawChris CarterDecember 17, 19931X1111.1
Disc 4
1313"Beyond the Sea"David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongJanuary 7, 19941X1210.8
1414"Gender Bender"Rob BowmanLarry Barber & Paul BarberJanuary 21, 19941X1311.1
1515"Lazarus"David NutterAlex Gansa & Howard GordonFebruary 4, 19941X1412.1
1616"Young at Heart"Michael LangeScott Kaufer and Chris CarterFebruary 11, 19941X1511.5
Disc 5
1717"E.B.E."‡William GrahamGlen Morgan & James WongFebruary 18, 19941X16N/A
1818"Miracle Man"Michael LangeChris Carter & Howard GordonMarch 18, 19941X1711.6
1919"Shapes"David NutterMarilyn OsbornApril 1, 19941X1811.5
2020"Darkness Falls"Joe NapolitanoChris CarterApril 15, 19941X1912.5
Disc 6
2121"Tooms"David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongApril 22, 19941X2013.4
2222"Born Again"Jerrold FreedmanAlex Gansa & Howard GordonApril 29, 19941X2113.7
2323"Roland"David NutterChris RuppenthalMay 6, 19941X2212.5
2424"The Erlenmeyer Flask"‡R.W. GoodwinChris CarterMay 13, 19941X2314.0
Disc 7 (Special Features)
  • An 11-minute documentary: "The Truth About Season One."
  • Chris Carter talks about 12 of his favorite episodes from Season One: Pilot, Deep Throat, Squeeze, Conduit, Ice, Fallen Angel, Eve, Beyond the Sea, E.B.E., Darkness Falls, Tooms and The Erlenmeyer Flask
  • 11 "Behind-the-Truth" ads from FX TV Channel
  • Promotional television ads
  • DVD-ROM game "Roots of Conspiracy" [PC only]
  • Two deleted scenes from the pilot episode are included on this DVD set. The episode can be played optionally with or without the deleted scenes included. The first deleted scene shows Dana Scully's boyfriend, Ethan Minette, at work in a television studio, talking with Scully before she leaves Washington D.C. to investigate a case in Oregon with Fox Mulder. In the second deleted scene, Scully and her boyfriend lie together in bed, after Scully has returned from Oregon, as Scully receives a phone call from Mulder. This "deleted" scene is actually a larger version of a scene included in the pilot as it was televised but shows Scully's boyfriend lying next to her.


Fox Home Entertainment re-released every season of The X-Files on Region 1 DVD in 2006 in slimmer packaging. However, some discs were omitted therefore some special features listed above may not be present on the newer Region 1 Sets. Fox Home Entertainment also re-released the The X-Files on Region 2 DVD in slimmer packaging in late 2004/early 2005, the content was exactly the same as the original releases.

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