Sullivan Biddle

Sullivan Biddle in 1862.

Sullivan Biddle was a Confederate soldier who fought during the American Civil War in the 1860s. In 1862, Biddle was photographed wearing his Confederate uniform. In November 1863, he and other Confederate soldiers under the command of General Cleburne witnessed several of their fellow men die in a battle with the Union army on Missionary Ridge and were forced to retreat.

By November 25, 1863, Biddle and the soldiers with him had reached a field near Apison House in Hamilton County, Tennessee. On the night of November 25, the soldiers built an underground bunker in the field, where they stored their rifles. By the morning of the following day, a group of nurses, one of whom was Biddle's lover, Sarah Kavanaugh, had been ordered to rendezvous with the troops and had done so.

Shortly before the sun rose on November 26, Biddle and his fellow Confederate soldiers battled with the Union army, hiding Sarah Kavanaugh and the other nurses in the bunker. As Union General Thomas pushed through the Confederate line, Sullivan Biddle was killed. His lover found him with a bloodied face, near the bunker in the field and, holding his body in her arms, she sadly watched him die. She was still holding him after the Union army had left the field. Sullivan Biddle's sergeant was also killed in the battle.

In 1996, FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder came to believe that he had lived as Sullivan Biddle before his soul had been reincarnated. Also in that year, Mulder's partner, Agent Scully, discovered Biddle's photograph in the Hamilton County Hall of Records. Under hypnosis, Mulder claimed that Scully's soul had been that of Biddle's sergeant and that Melissa Rydell Ephesian, a woman who he and Scully were investigating, had been Biddle's lover, Sarah Kavanaugh. (TXF: "The Field Where I Died")