Stevie Richardson was a young boy who fell into a concealed pit in Blackwood County, Texas in 1998. One of his three friends correctly guessed that the pit was actually a cave. Stevie found a skull and the remains of two Primitives in the cave. He also found a puddle of a strange, black substance that grew in size. His friends watched in fear as Stevie was infected with the substance that he was unable to escape from.

Later, Stevie was carried away from the cave in a paralyzed condition by men dressed in HAZMAT suits. The boy died while being transported to a Dallas FEMA facility. (The X-Files Movie)

Stevie was played by Lucas Black.
Chris Carter named Stevie after one of his boyhood friends. According to Carter, he and the real Stevie used to enjoy digging holes, just like the fictional character in the movie.
Stevie's surname does not appear in the script of The X-Files Movie and, in the theatrical edit of the film, the name can only be seen in the newspaper article that mentions him in connection with the purported contained outbreak of the hanta virus, near the end of the film.


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