Steven Spielberg is a celebrated movie producer and director. He is the most financially successful motion picture director in history and many of his films are generally considered to be classics.

In 1992, Special Agent Fox Mulder jokingly claimed to be Steven Spielberg when asked for his identity outside Dana Scully's door. (TXF: "Pilot")

Background Information

Steven Spielberg directed the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The Simpsons episode The Springfield Files, in which animated versions of Mulder and Scully appear, features a homage to the film when one character calls Homer Simpson's drunken meeting with an alien a "close encounter of the blurred kind". Later in the episode, a well known theme from the film is played.

Another movie directed by Steven Spielberg is ET: The Exterrestrial. The film features an alien who is somewhat unfamiliar with the English language but is desperate to return to his civilization and can often by heard saying, "ET phone home", a line which has achieved significant notoriety. "The Springfield Files" references this film when a character in the episode says in one scene, "ET phone Homer. Simpson, that is." In another scene of the episode, a Reverend makes a speech in memory of the alien, who leaves Earth at the end of the Spielberg film.

The X-Files episode "The Unnatural" also references ET: The Extraterrestrial. In one scene, Mulder doubts Arthur Dales when he claims that a Negro baseball team from Roswell were called "the Grays". The FBI agent congratulates Dales on inventing the name and says, "E.T. steal home. E.T. steal home."

Spielberg later helped create the character of Indiana Jones and has directed every film in the series that features the character. He also directed the first two movies in the Jurassic Park series, the second of which is The Lost World.

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