Spanish is a language originating in Spain (MM: "Paper Dove") and used throughout Central and South America, most notably in Mexico and the Caribbean. In the United States, it is often second to English. (TXF: "Little Green Men")


Messages at the Miami International Airport were often repeated in Spanish. (TXF: "Little Green Men")

Spanish was spoken by members of the migrant workers' camp in the San Joaquin Valley, California. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")

A radio station in Lorton, Virginia played only Spanish language music. (TXF: "Kitsunegari")

A gate attendant at the DC General Hospital spoke Spanish when she was angry after her gate was destroyed. (TXF: "S.R. 819")

Police officers in Willow Park, California often spoke Spanish to cope with local residents. (TXF: "X-Cops")

In 2001, Richard Langly jokingly informed Melvin Frohike that "Peanuts," a chimpanzee, did not speak Spanish. (TLG: "Planet of the Frohikes")

In 2002, Kimmy Belmont spoke Spanish at The Lone Gunmen's funeral. (TXF: "Jump the Shark")


Friend. (TXF: "Kitsunegari")
Now. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Murderer. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Good. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Look at it. (TXF: "X-Cops")
Calm down. (TXF: "X-Cops")
Calm down. (TXF: "X-Cops")
El Chupacabra 
the goatsucker. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Little girl. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Coward. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Do you understand? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Leave me alone. (TXF: "Vienen")
Money. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Two. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Photograph. (TXF: "Vienen")
Drop it. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Thank you. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
El Lobo 
The wolf. (TLG: "Tango de los Pistoleros")
Kill it. (TXF: "X-Cops")
La Migra 
The migration police (INS). (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Miracle. (TXF: "Milagro")
You look. (TXF: "X-Cops")
No. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
What?/Who? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Quickly. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Mister. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Mrs. (TXF: "X-Cops")
Yes. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Calm down. (TXF: "Vienen")
Tu eres Diego Garcia 
Is your name Diego Garcia? (TXF: "Vienen")
Let's go. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
They're coming. (TXF: "Vienen")


Aqui es America 
This is America. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Bueno o malo 
Good or bad. (TXF: "Vienen")
Confia en mi 
Trust me. (TXF: "Vienen")
Donde estas 
Where are you? (TXF: "Vienen")
El Chupacabra vive 
the Chupacabra lives. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Ellos querian el radio 
They wanted the radio. (TXF: "Vienen")
Esta buena 
That is great. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Estas loco 
That is crazy. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Hubo un ruido cumo un relampago muy cerca... 
There was a noise like thunder, but very close... (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
La tienen un miedo terrible 
They have a terrible fear? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Lo mataron, yo los mire 
They killed him, I saw it. (TXF: "Vienen")
Lo mataron a Simon 
They killed Simon. (TXF: "Vienen")
Los otros detenidos lo molesteban mucho 
The other detainees bother me often. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Los platillos voladores 
The flying ships (UFOs). (TXF: "Vienen")
Madre de Dios 
Mother of God. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Mi promesa 
My promise. (TXF: "Vienen")
Mucho basura 
(TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Muy incredible 
Very incredible. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Ni caridad 
Without charity/without mercy (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Ni credito 
Without credit. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Ninguno se la aserga a el 
(TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
No dinero 
No money. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
No lo hice 
I did not. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
No mi digan que me calme. Hagan algo, por favor 
Do not tell me to calm down. Do something, please. (TXF: "X-Cops")
No monstruo 
It's not a monster. (TXF: "X-Cops")
No soy asesino 
I am not a murderer. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Pero, no 
But, no. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Por eso es que encendi la lumbre 
That is why I started the fire. (TXF: "Vienen")
Por favor, hagan algo 
Please, do something. (TXF: "X-Cops")
Por que lo tiene segregado 
Why are you segregated? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Que como esta el carne 
How was the meat? (TXF: "Vienen")
Que fue lo que paso 
What was it that happened? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Que paso 
What happened? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Que paso esta noche 
What is happening this night? (TXF: "Vienen")
Quien es 
Who is it? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Quiere sabar si mataste a Maria Dorantes 
Did you knowingly kill Maria Dorantes? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Quieren hacerte unas preguntas 
They want to ask some questions. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Quiero hombres fuertes 
I want the firemen. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Sangre colorado 
Red blood. (TXF: "Vienen")
Si me encuentran, me matan 
If they find me, they will kill me. (TXF: "Vienen")
Solo quiero vengarme, pues 
I only want vengeance, see? (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Soy el unico que queda 
I am the one they want. (TXF: "Vienen")
Soy innocente 
I am innocent. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Su familia 
Your family? (TXF: "Vienen")
Tenemos que detenerlos antes que sea muy tarde 
We have to stop them before it is to late. (TXF: "Vienen")
Tres dias 
Three days. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Un rayo muy brilliante 
Lightening, very bright. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Vayo con Dios, amigos 
Walk with God, friends. (TXF: "Jump the Shark")
Y me dicho la Chupacabra 
I give you the Chupacabra. (TXF: "El Mundo Gira")
Ya vienen 
They are coming. (TXF: "Vienen")
Yo no confio en nadie 
I trust no one. (TXF: "Vienen")
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