An estate in Somerset where the Well-Manicured Man was in 1998.

Somerset is an area in England.

In 1998, the Well-Manicured Man was at an estate in Somerset, watching three children play on the lawn, when he was informed of an imminent meeting of the Syndicate to be held in London. One of the children, the Well-Manicured Man's grandson, hurt his leg while playing there, shortly before the Well-Manicured Man headed away to the Syndicate meeting. (The X-Files Movie)

It is not entirely clear whether the Well-Manicured Man was living in the Somerset estate or merely visiting there with his grandson in 1998.
In reality, Somerset is actually an English county but this information is not established in the movie, only that it is a location in England.
The scene in The X-Files Movie that is set in Somerset was actually filmed entirely on location at 380 South San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, California. This Tudor-style mansion was previously used to represent the exterior of Wayne Manor in the live-action Batman television series and also appears in the films Topper, Dead Again and Rush Hour. Even though The X-Files television series did not visit this specific location at any time, some scenes of the series were filmed in Pasadena, as was another scene of The X-Files Movie, the interior of the London building where the Syndicate meet.

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