Skyland Mountain is near the Blue Ridge Parkway off Route 229. Mulder is able to find a Skyland Mountain ad in the Yellow Pages which features the motto, "Ascend to the Stars." Skyland Mountain has an aerial tramway and offers "Spectacular views and a full service grill." Information on Skyland Mountain can be obtained by calling 555-7684.

Skyland Mountain was where Duane Barry brought Scully after kidnapping her following a botched hostage situation. Mulder and Alex Krycek pursued him there in search of Scully. Barry himself could not remember where he had last been taken by aliens, but remembered that he was to "ascend to the stars," which Mulder figured out was the motto used by the mountain's scenic aerial tramway. Mulder ascended via the tramway sucecssfully, despite the best efforts of Krycek to prevent him. However, Mulder was too late and Scully was abducted in Barry's place. (TXF: "Ascension")

Scully seemed to want to Skyland Mountain in 1998 after meeting Cassandra Spender, who described very similar experiences involving abduction. Dozens of other abductees were successful in going to the mountain, but all of them were killed in a horrific massacre carried out by the Faceless aliens. (TXF: "Patient X")

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