Silicon Based Lifeform Bursting Out of Neck

Parasite bursting out of its host.

This unidentified silicon based alien lifeform attacked the Firewalker team.  It was a fungal parasite that easily could infect and kill carbon based lifeforms with its spores.  This parasite was discovered by the Firewalker team in rock samples collected from inside a volcano in the Cascade mountain range.  When Agent Fox Mulder inquired with the leader of the Firewalker team, Daniel
Silicon Based Lifeform Under Microscope

The silicon based lifeform under the microscope.

Trepkos, about the lifeform, he received only vague riddles and pronouncements about how profound the discovery was and that it meant all that was known would be turned on its head.  As such it is unclear whether it was an alien lifeform or Earth had silicon based lifeforms at one point in its distant past. 

(TXF: Firewalker)

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