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Shannon McMahon

Shannon McMahon in 2001.

Shannon McMahon (played by Lucy Lawless) was an alien super-soldier whom John Doggett knew from his time with the Marines.

Like Knowle Rohrer, Shannon McMahon is the project's first super-soldier which was initiated by alien colonists. One of her non-human abilities as seen in the show is to breathe under water. (TXF: "Nothing Important Happened Today I-II.").

Shannon Mcmahon killed Carl Wormus, a high-ranking official for the Environmental Protection Agency and Roland McFarland, a worker in the Greater Maryland Water Reclamation Facility, who wanted to reveal the truth about the chloramine in the water, which causes mutation in the human fetus ("organic" super-soldiers). Shannon wanted to manipulate John Doggett deliberately obscuring the truth about the alien nature of super-soldiers and the plans of aliens. She apparently saved Doggett's life by decapitation Knowle Rohrer and then both falled into the sea. At the end of the "Nothing Important Happened Today II " Scully dreams about Shannon Mcmahon, who lying in the depths of the sea, and then suddenly comes to life.

Background InformationEdit

Shannon McMahon was played by Lucy Lawless.

Originally, Shannon McMahon was to be a recurring character and feature in "The Truth", the series finale of The X-Files. However, actress Lucy Lawless became pregnant shortly after the episodes "Nothing Important Happened Today" and "Nothing Important Happened Today II" were shot. She had a traumatic pregnancy but delivered a healthy son in May 2002 and ultimately did not return to the series in its final two-parter. [1]


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