Shadow Man

Shadow Man (played by Terry O'Quinn) was an NSA operative who contacted Agent Scully about information regarding super-soldiers, which he stated he wished to give to Mulder. Ultimately, he was revealed to be a super-soldier himself; he was, in reality, attempting to kill Mulder and Scully.

The Shadow Man pursued Scully after a botched attempt to kill Mulder. In the ensuing chase, Scully became isolated from Agents Doggett and Reyes in a quarry. Having been cornered, Scully was unable to defend herself from the super-soldier. However, the quarry contained a vein of magnetite. The Shadow Man was dramatically affected by it, his skin turning gray and his body literally disintegrating before being pulled (with tremendous force) straight into the rock, obliterating his body and finally killing him. (TXF: "Trust No 1")

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