FBI Agent Russel

Russel in office

Agent Russel in his office

Russel was an FBI agent who, in 1985, was Peter Watts' superior in the organization.

Following the discovery of a plastic water cooler in that year, Russel sat in an FBI interview room with Watts. Russel announced that a baby had been floating in the cooler for weeks and that marks on the child's first cervical vertebrae confirmed that the head had been cut off, probably with a kitchen knife.

In 1998, Watts, now a former member of the FBI, recalled his discussion with Russel while quarantined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (MM: "The Fourth Horseman")

This character's name was spelt "Russell" in script information but was changed to "Russel" in the episode's end credits. His FBI rank is neither established in script information nor in episode dialogue but he is referred to as an Agent in the same end credits sequence. The character was played by Fred Henderson.