Ruby Morris was a resident of Sioux City, Iowa. She was the daughter of Darlene Morris and sister to Kevin Morris. She was known to local law enforcement because of her wild-child attitude. It was not unusual for the Sioux City Sheriff to find her in a parked car with a teenage male or vomiting on the road-side due to excessive alcohol consumption. Her boyfriend, Greg Randall, had been cheating on her with Tessa, Tessa later killed him and would've killed Ruby had she had the chance.

Ruby was abducted from the shores of Lake Okobogee in late 1993; she was returned around 10 days later. She exhibited symptoms of prolonged weightlessness and was told by her abductors not to tell anyone when she'd been or who had taken her. She was pressed by her brother to tell FBI Agent Fox Mulder what had happened but was quickly silenced by her mother before she could reveal any details. (TXF: "Conduit").

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