Ronnie Strickland Vampire

Ronald "Ronnie" Lavelle Strickland was a vampire who was almost the cause of a $446 million lawsuit against the FBI, with Special Agents Mulder and Scully as co-defendants, when Mulder staked him through the heart.

Ronnie Strickland was living in Chaney, Texas and working as a pizza delivery boy, when Mulder and Scully were brought in to investigate an apparent vampire killing. In an unusual twist on the usual vampire legends, Ronnie was a vampire who had watched "one too many Bela Lugosi movies." He had sharpened his canines to leave the trademark two puncture holes in his victims' necks and had to drug his victims by putting chloral hydrate in their pizzas. Ronnie drugged Mulder but was delayed in drinking his blood when Mulder threw his sunflower seeds at him. Since the legend of vampires includes their obsessive-compulsive nature, Strickland was compelled to pick them all up.

While this was happening, Scully was carrying out the autopsy of another victim and realized, from the stomach contents, that the drugs were in the pizza. She arrived in time to take several shots at Strickland but they had no affect. She checked on Mulder and believed him to be incapacitated and ran after Strickland. Mulder, however, had recovered and had taken a sharp piece of wood with him, beating Scully to Ronnie, he stabbed him in the heart. The two agents were later sent back to Chaney after the coroner was attacked and Ronnie Strickland went missing from a morgue. The agents returned to Chaney and were met again by Sheriff Lucius Hartwell. Mulder left Scully to stake out the cemetery with Sheriff Hartwell, while he went to arrest Ronnie. However, it turned out that all the locals at the RV park were vampires, including Sheriff Hartwell. They drugged Mulder and Scully, and left the RV park. (TXF: "Bad Blood")


X-Files Conspiracy - TMNT Ronnie

Ronnie Strickland in The X-Files/TMNT: Conspiracy.

Ronnie Strickland, as well as the rest of the Chaney vampires, have a guest appearance in the IDW Publishing crossover title The X-Files/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Conspiracy #3 (2014), where they have taken residence in a small Northampton town, which so happens to be close to the farm where the titular Turtles are staying with their human friends April O'Neil and Casey Jones. Once more working for a pizzeria, Ronnie cannot resist his urges to feast on April and Casey's blood when they come visiting his place, and only the timely appearance of the Turtles and The Lone Gunmen – who have been looking for the Turtles – prevents Ronnie from killing the two victims, although the other vampires quickly show up as well to protect him. After Byers distracts them by scattering chilli flakes, the vampires cut their losses and evacuate the town, taking Ronnie with them.

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