Reverend Robert Gailen Orison was a prison chaplain in the Midwest, who served at multiple penitentiaries. He believed it was his God-given duty to free prisoners that he would then kill.

Orison was born on July 15, 1937. In 1959, Orison was convicted of murder and was sentenced to serve 22 years in Soledad. Early on in prison, Orison punctured a hole in his skull, self-inducing a cerebral edema. With this edema, Orison was able to use an ancient Peruvian technique known as "stopping the world." In the years ahead, he would be able to focus this power with the act of group hypnosis. Also during this time, Orison became a "born again" Christian and would eventually become a reverend.

By 1998, Reverend Orison had moved to 1476 Wicks Street in Equality, Illinois.

According to his driver's license, Orison was six feet one inches tall, weighed 180 pounds, and was an organ donor. His social security number was 361-12-3456. Oddly enough, the driver's license number begins with a "P" instead of his surname's initial ("O") as is necessary on Illinois driver's license.

By 1999, Orison had perfected the act of group hypnosis. Using group hypnosis, Orison was able to break out at least three prisoners from in and around the state of Illinois. His third break-out was Donald Pfaster in 2000.

After Pfaster's escape, Orison met him at a diner in Harrisburg, Illinois and used group hypnosis to help evade him from US Marshals. However, Pfaster stole Orison's car and ran him over, nearly killing him. FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully met Orison at St. Claire Medical Center. He used his power to escape from the hospital and would discover Pfaster staying at his apartment in Equality.

Attempting to fulfill his Godly mission, Orison held Pfaster at gunpoint, and forced him to dig a grave. While attempting to get Pfaster to repent, Pfaster instead showed his true demonic form, and killed Orison. Orison's body was soon discovered (from a phone call by Pfaster) and Mulder officially closed the X-File. (TXF: "Orison")

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